GenCon Game Design Workshop

I had the pleasure of giving a talk at GenCon 2014 with Dave Tomczyk titled Game Design Workshop. We also gave a version of that talk in 2013 with Brandon Patton. In our session, we gave a game design crash course, and then we practiced doing actual game design together. I created this page to provide additional resources for educators and aspiring game designers. Fortunately, there are lots of great resources already available on the internet, and this page hopefully will help you find those resources more easily.

Online Resources
Google searching would likely find the links below, but for ease of reference, these are good places to start:
A Student's Guide to Getting Into the Games Industry
Pixel Prospector starting advice!
If you follow the Game Design text link you'll find the Big List of Game Design.
You can't go wrong, and I particularly like Ian Schreiber's courses on Game Design Concepts and Game Balance Concepts.
Big list of game development software

I teach several game design courses. For those people who enjoy challenge by choice, I encourage you to complete the assignments below. Some are group projects, so either find your own group, or adapt the project to your situation:
Hopscotch Assignment.doc
Task List Assignment.doc
Sports Assignment.doc
Dice Game Assignment.doc
Probability Silver.xlsx
Excel Silver.xlsx
Excel Gold.xlsx
Magic Assignment.doc
No Materials Assignment.doc
Paper Prototype Assignment.doc
Storytelling Assignment.doc
Pitch Assignment.doc
Educational Games Assignment.doc
Games for Change Assignment.doc

Non-Fiction Books
For physical books, there are many great options. Here are a few:
Art of Game Design
A Theory of Fun for Game Design
Rules of Play
Game Design Workshop
Challenges for Game Designers
Reality is Broken

These are some fun novels where game designers play a major role:
Ready Player One by Earnest Cline
Daemon by Daniel Suarez
You by Austin Grossman

Here are the slides from our presentation.

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