Ira Fay's IndieCade 2013 Submission: New Earth

This site contains information about my prototype board game, New Earth, which I submitted to IndieCade 2013.

If you have limited time, the most efficient way to learn about the game is to watch these two videos:
  • New Earth Gameplay example (5:43)
  • New Earth Scoring example (2:37)

    If you have additional time, you may want to peruse the links below for more details.
  • Current Rules
  • Player Board
  • Main Board
  • Card Generator
  • Playtest report form (coming soon)

    Feel free to contact me or view my main site.

    Sample 5 Player Map

    Sample Player Board after several turns

    Early Playtest

    Another Playtest

    Art Direction: Archipelago Tile

    Art Direction: Archipelago Map

    Art Direction: Taluva Tiles