Kern Center Puzzles

Puzzle 2 Description

A poem on the wall of the water control room in the basement of the Kern Center.

Difficulty: Easy

Design Inspiration

Since the Kern Center is a multi-disciplinary, shared space for all of the Hampshire community, I wanted to collaborate with professors of various disciplines and include many different kinds of puzzles.

I designed this puzzle with many people: Rachel Conrad, a Professor of Childhood Studies; students in her class "Youth/Poets," taught in Spring 2016; teachers and students at Hampshire's Early Learning Center; and my brother, Alex Fay. The ~5 year old students in the Early Learning Center created the poem in collaboration with their teachers and the students in Professor Conrad's course. Then, I worked with Professor Conrad to embed the puzzle within the poem, with some good insights from my brother. In the end, I'm very happy with this puzzle that includes such a large collaboration across the Hampshire community.


If you have any questions or comments, or would like to verify your answer to this puzzle, feel free to email me any time.
Picture of Puzzle